Leslie’s Post

I am the editor for Noah’s crew, and I would say I’m almost halfway through. I spent most of today looking through the New Years shots and the new allergic reaction shots. They were pretty good, so the people who shot them and actors, good job. There have been a few problems, mostly just not getting a line or not getting a certain shot like in the 1st classroom scene where there is no WS. There was also a problem where someone used hd while filming by accident, but Mr. Alan and I fixed that a while ago.

My contribution so far has been mostly doing editing, but I have been an extra in a couple shoots. I wouldn’t say that there has been any specific person who has done something noteworthy, but because I’m usually on the computer I don’t have as many chances to interact with you guys. I saw the shoots of Alan and Whittenhall coming in to get Larry, and Whittenhall’s face is great in them.

If anybody wants to see any of the shots, you can ask me. I know Harvest liked watching the scene where he has an allergic reaction. I think I might be allergic to cucumbers because the last time I ate some, I got a sore throat… I really don’t know what to talk about anymore. When I was still in creative writing, I got one or two points for cucumber, but I’m not that good since I don’t know a lot of songs that Alan likes to use for music trivs. Ok, I think that is good.


Frank’s Blog

The movie is coming along great! We recently shot the zombie apocalypse scene which required Meg to be in zombie face paint and Harvest to be in a bunch of casts but luckily neither of them seemed to mind. We have a majority of our scenes shot and pretty soon we’ll be finished!

My main job in the crew is being one of the editors. The scenes I’ve been editing are the ones at the end of the movie. One of those scenes is the one in which I play a really nerdy character named Tyler. All the directors have been doing a phenomenal job, especially Maggie, who also stepped in front of the camera as another nerdy character, Claire, and did an amazing job.

Did you know that pickles are just cucumbers that have been left in vinegar? Which also technically means that pickles are a fruit. And upon writing that, I realize that CJ also wrote about that. Since I have no other facts about cucumbers, I might as well mention the fact that I have made it into every film this year. Unless some of the crews reshot the scenes where I’m only an extra. But still, if any of you have ever wanted to make it into every film but think it’s impossible, don’t give up hope. This year’s films may be almost finished, but there’s always next year!

Nick’s Blog

Right now, our movie is coming along nicely. We are still filming scenes, but we have a decent amount of the scenes done. If i had to estimate, i would say that we have done around 23 scenes. Recently, we filmed the first scene of our movie, which is a fake New Year’s party where the Steph and Mel try to convince people that they went to a huge party. They are really sitting in Steph’s living room in front of New Year’s decorations. I think this scene came out very well. The only setback we had was that we had a decent amount of set up for the party, but not a lot of helping hands to help set up. This caused the set up of the scene to last for about an hour.

In this movie, I am one of the directors. My job includes a little bit of every thing except acting. I do some filming, some editing, and some prop gathering. There has not been one single person who has stepped up the most; everyone has contributed in their own personal way. Some people have brought in key props when needed, others delivered good performances in front of the camera. Also, our editors have done really good work thus far.

Contrary to popular belief, the cucumber is actually a fruit and not a vegetable. they are scientifically classified as a fruit because they are produced from flowers, and they have an enclosed seed. These factors classify cucumbers as an accessory fruit. Accessory fruits are ones that have seeds derived from the pistil of the flower. They are similar to tomatoes and squash in classification, but their sour/bitter flavor causes people to think oft them prepare them like they are vegetables. They originally came from India, but they are now grown on most of the continents.

C.J.’s Blog

We have been making great progress so far and we are still in the production process.  We have more than half of our scenes filmed so far and are looking to finish the final scenes in the upcoming weeks.  We have recently filmed scenes with Steph is trying to gain votes from other students that might not know her as well.  It has been a struggle getting the other students to give the right reaction.

I am an art director for the movie, but I am also an extra in some scenes.  As art director I am responsible for bring in the props, setting up the scenes, and making sure all the characters are in the right wardrobe.  There are many scenes where Steph has to rush into classes and campaign for votes of weird superlatives.

Cucumbers are by far the best fruit.  They are in the same family at pumpkins and you might think they are only green.  They can also be white, yellow, or even orange.  Pickles are cucumbers that have been soaked in a brining solution made of salt, vinegar, and water, so cucumbers are basically two fruits and that is why they are the best.  This being my first year of being part of the Film Festival and I was not sure what to expect.  I was not anticipating all of the work, but all the hard work and long days will pay off once the movie is done.  We have yet to play music-trivs in class and our crew needs to step it up because we are currently in 3rd to last.  Since the group is still trying to get to know each other, we still have a lot of work to do but every day we are learning more and more about other members in our crew.

Lauren’s blog

We’re currently still in the production of our movie. So far I think our filming has gone well. One of my favorite scenes that we filmed was when Maggie played Claire and had to eat about 20 cookies for one scene. In one of our more recent scenes, Maggie had to sit up on the toilet and play with action figures, which of course came out hilarious. I know it’s going to be one of those scenes that’ll be talked about long after the film festival. One set back I find when filming is when the boys in the wood room think it’s funny to yell obscene words out into the hallway when we try to film and there’s no way we can control them.


Although I’m Art Director, I also play as an extra in many scenes. So in the movie you may see me walking past a plate of cookies, or rushing out the bathroom horrified after seeing psycho-Steph shove about 10 rolls of toilet paper into Mel’s hand and tell her to wrap herself in it. I like to watch the crews film their parts, it can be funny or frustrating… depending on how well Meg knows her lines (hehe sorry Meg). But at the end of the day, we get the scene done and it all works out. I think Nick really does a good job as Director, he films most of the scenes and always seems prepared. I feel like he came into film with a lot of confidence and gets the job done well.


I’m really excited to get to see how our movie turns out. When I first came to film and realized it was going to be a bunch of newbies trying to put together a movie in a few months I didn’t think we would be able to handle it. Time proved me wrong, though. I am beyond excited to see how Miss Superlative turns out after all the filming and editing is done. It’s going to be hilarious once we have all our scenes put together. I have never gone to the Film Festival before but I’m eagerly awaiting to go to this one. I’ve seen the other crews working on their movies, which make me excited to see how theirs turns out as well.

Valerie’s Blog :)

The progress of Cucumbers film has been going great so far, we are currently in production. We have had some few difficulties with scheduling but we don’t let that get us behind, we quickly figure out another scene that we are able to film and get on it right away. A scene we have recently filmed was a hallway scene. This scene is important because it is the scene where Steph gets her “”big idea”. Our first time filming it did not come out the way we wanted so we reshot it and got the footage we needed.

Although I am an art director, I have helped Leslie with some editing. Leslie has had a tough time editing because some footage was not present for our scenes but she found a way to get around that and make things work.

Cucumbers are actually my favorite fruit. They taste great with just salt and go great with French dressing. Cucumbers remind me of a summer day on a beach, because they are refreshing on a hot summer day on the beach.

Cucumber Is a Fruit. We Think.

The Background: Cucumber. How’d it come to be, you ask? Well, We’ll tell you right this very second. Our answer: We’re not really sure. All I remember, I being, Daria Grady, is I was sitting on the couch with a tall glass of water watching that comedy, Bridesmaids, and it hit me. I needed to make a movie. And shower. I, being, Casey White, remember receiving a phone call from that beautiful, comedy-watching girl with the sound of Niagra Falls in the background. I knew that we were genius, I just didn’t realize how genius.

The Plot: We pitched the idea and we were denied. We showered many more times (separately, of course) as we pondered (and cried). After many sleepless sleepovers, we created Miss Superlative. It may seem as if the story is based on our lives, which is possible, but there are a few surprises.

The Production: Behind Mr. Alan’s back, we secretly spent our time in Creative Writing Class writing our script instead of villanelles. Once we told him we had 15 pages done, he refused to even look at us in the eyes. No exaggeration. Our persistent nagging convinced him to at least look at us in the face. We finished the script, receiving it back after the longest weekend either of us has ever experienced, Mr. Alan kind of smiled, but looking back, it probably wasn’t because he thought our script was hilarious, which it is, but because he tore it apart.

This Exact Moment: After many, many (approximately 6) drafts, we have finally completed, or hope to have completed, “Miss Superlative.” We are extremely pleased with the allowance of our own music-triv team, twitter, instagram AND this very blog.

We would love to invite anyone who knows any music that will be in film next term, period five.

Also, art directors? Hey.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.”

Cucumber out.