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We’re currently still in the production of our movie. So far I think our filming has gone well. One of my favorite scenes that we filmed was when Maggie played Claire and had to eat about 20 cookies for one scene. In one of our more recent scenes, Maggie had to sit up on the toilet and play with action figures, which of course came out hilarious. I know it’s going to be one of those scenes that’ll be talked about long after the film festival. One set back I find when filming is when the boys in the wood room think it’s funny to yell obscene words out into the hallway when we try to film and there’s no way we can control them.


Although I’m Art Director, I also play as an extra in many scenes. So in the movie you may see me walking past a plate of cookies, or rushing out the bathroom horrified after seeing psycho-Steph shove about 10 rolls of toilet paper into Mel’s hand and tell her to wrap herself in it. I like to watch the crews film their parts, it can be funny or frustrating… depending on how well Meg knows her lines (hehe sorry Meg). But at the end of the day, we get the scene done and it all works out. I think Nick really does a good job as Director, he films most of the scenes and always seems prepared. I feel like he came into film with a lot of confidence and gets the job done well.


I’m really excited to get to see how our movie turns out. When I first came to film and realized it was going to be a bunch of newbies trying to put together a movie in a few months I didn’t think we would be able to handle it. Time proved me wrong, though. I am beyond excited to see how Miss Superlative turns out after all the filming and editing is done. It’s going to be hilarious once we have all our scenes put together. I have never gone to the Film Festival before but I’m eagerly awaiting to go to this one. I’ve seen the other crews working on their movies, which make me excited to see how theirs turns out as well.

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