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Right now, our movie is coming along nicely. We are still filming scenes, but we have a decent amount of the scenes done. If i had to estimate, i would say that we have done around 23 scenes. Recently, we filmed the first scene of our movie, which is a fake New Year’s party where the Steph and Mel try to convince people that they went to a huge party. They are really sitting in Steph’s living room in front of New Year’s decorations. I think this scene came out very well. The only setback we had was that we had a decent amount of set up for the party, but not a lot of helping hands to help set up. This caused the set up of the scene to last for about an hour.

In this movie, I am one of the directors. My job includes a little bit of every thing except acting. I do some filming, some editing, and some prop gathering. There has not been one single person who has stepped up the most; everyone has contributed in their own personal way. Some people have brought in key props when needed, others delivered good performances in front of the camera. Also, our editors have done really good work thus far.

Contrary to popular belief, the cucumber is actually a fruit and not a vegetable. they are scientifically classified as a fruit because they are produced from flowers, and they have an enclosed seed. These factors classify cucumbers as an accessory fruit. Accessory fruits are ones that have seeds derived from the pistil of the flower. They are similar to tomatoes and squash in classification, but their sour/bitter flavor causes people to think oft them prepare them like they are vegetables. They originally came from India, but they are now grown on most of the continents.

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