Frank’s Blog

The movie is coming along great! We recently shot the zombie apocalypse scene which required Meg to be in zombie face paint and Harvest to be in a bunch of casts but luckily neither of them seemed to mind. We have a majority of our scenes shot and pretty soon we’ll be finished!

My main job in the crew is being one of the editors. The scenes I’ve been editing are the ones at the end of the movie. One of those scenes is the one in which I play a really nerdy character named Tyler. All the directors have been doing a phenomenal job, especially Maggie, who also stepped in front of the camera as another nerdy character, Claire, and did an amazing job.

Did you know that pickles are just cucumbers that have been left in vinegar? Which also technically means that pickles are a fruit. And upon writing that, I realize that CJ also wrote about that. Since I have no other facts about cucumbers, I might as well mention the fact that I have made it into every film this year. Unless some of the crews reshot the scenes where I’m only an extra. But still, if any of you have ever wanted to make it into every film but think it’s impossible, don’t give up hope. This year’s films may be almost finished, but there’s always next year!

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