Leslie’s Post

I am the editor for Noah’s crew, and I would say I’m almost halfway through. I spent most of today looking through the New Years shots and the new allergic reaction shots. They were pretty good, so the people who shot them and actors, good job. There have been a few problems, mostly just not getting a line or not getting a certain shot like in the 1st classroom scene where there is no WS. There was also a problem where someone used hd while filming by accident, but Mr. Alan and I fixed that a while ago.

My contribution so far has been mostly doing editing, but I have been an extra in a couple shoots. I wouldn’t say that there has been any specific person who has done something noteworthy, but because I’m usually on the computer I don’t have as many chances to interact with you guys. I saw the shoots of Alan and Whittenhall coming in to get Larry, and Whittenhall’s face is great in them.

If anybody wants to see any of the shots, you can ask me. I know Harvest liked watching the scene where he has an allergic reaction. I think I might be allergic to cucumbers because the last time I ate some, I got a sore throat… I really don’t know what to talk about anymore. When I was still in creative writing, I got one or two points for cucumber, but I’m not that good since I don’t know a lot of songs that Alan likes to use for music trivs. Ok, I think that is good.

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