Cucumber Is a Fruit. We Think.

The Background: Cucumber. How’d it come to be, you ask? Well, We’ll tell you right this very second. Our answer: We’re not really sure. All I remember, I being, Daria Grady, is I was sitting on the couch with a tall glass of water watching that comedy, Bridesmaids, and it hit me. I needed to make a movie. And shower. I, being, Casey White, remember receiving a phone call from that beautiful, comedy-watching girl with the sound of Niagra Falls in the background. I knew that we were genius, I just didn’t realize how genius.

The Plot: We pitched the idea and we were denied. We showered many more times (separately, of course) as we pondered (and cried). After many sleepless sleepovers, we created Miss Superlative. It may seem as if the story is based on our lives, which is possible, but there are a few surprises.

The Production: Behind Mr. Alan’s back, we secretly spent our time in Creative Writing Class writing our script instead of villanelles. Once we told him we had 15 pages done, he refused to even look at us in the eyes. No exaggeration. Our persistent nagging convinced him to at least look at us in the face. We finished the script, receiving it back after the longest weekend either of us has ever experienced, Mr. Alan kind of smiled, but looking back, it probably wasn’t because he thought our script was hilarious, which it is, but because he tore it apart.

This Exact Moment: After many, many (approximately 6) drafts, we have finally completed, or hope to have completed, “Miss Superlative.” We are extremely pleased with the allowance of our own music-triv team, twitter, instagram AND this very blog.

We would love to invite anyone who knows any music that will be in film next term, period five.

Also, art directors? Hey.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.”

Cucumber out.